Terms & Conditions



Welcome to Merchworld Inc. / Merchworld.eu. The following Terms and Conditions guide for the use of, and commerce on our, webstore. This is what you can expect from us as well as what we expect from you. We reserve the right to adjust the terms and conditions from time to time. Latest update 2010-08-24.

Merchworld specializes in merchandising and branding for the music and entertainment industry. Our services, such as design, production and distribution, are provided through our website.


§1 General

You can purchase our products through our webstore. Our webstore features an FAQ section for any inquiries you may have pertaining to the webstore. Click here for more info. For any other questions or to contact our Customer Service for help click here.

All merchandise remains our property until payment is fulfilled.

Any attempts of frauds will be reported to the Police. Merchworld reserves the right to cancel, hold on to, or further investigate any orders of suspision at our disgretion, reguardless of an affected delivery time.

Minimum order amount is 10 EUR excluding transport cost.

Maximum order amount is 1000 EUR.

No other payment option, outside of those displayed at checkout, are accepted.

Merchworld reserves the right to make minor deviations in relation to how material, color, weight, measurements, or manufacturing appear in our webstore. This also includes type faults, price and stock changes.


You must be 18 years of age to make purchases on the webstore, or have a guardian confirm your order. Please leave a name and phone number for the adult at checkout.


§2 Delivery

All shipments are sent by Posten Sverige AB. The order will be sent to the address given in your personal profile. Please check that this address is correct at point of checkout.

Estimated delivery time is 10-15 business days. (Unless clearly stated otherwise on the webstore). Everything available on the webstore is guaranteed in stock.

We will charge 15 EUR for declined items. (E.g. if you refuse to sign or pick up your order at your pick-up point). If You change your mind about your order contact our Client Serviceimmediately. Remember you still have to collect your package and return it back to us. Declined items are not included in Swedish law according to the right of reclamation and returns.

Damaged goods shall be reported at the pick-up point. If you notice the damage after receiving the package please contact our Client Service. When returning it you are responsible for the goods.

Our shipping costs:

  • Sweden: 39 SEK (Cash on delivery 60 SEK extra)
  • Europe: (0-1 kg) 15 EUR
  • Countries outside Europe: (0-1 kg) 20 EUR

There is an additional cost on 15 EUR for shipping larger orders outside Europe.

§3 Payment

You have the following options:

  • Credit card (Mastercard/Visa)
  • Klarna Invoice (Sweden)
  • Paypal

When using credit card you pay immediately at checkout. Orders over the value of 100 EUR will receive a tracking number by mail if desired. When the package arrives you pick it up at your local pick-up point. All other orders are sent with postal mail.

All information concerning your credit card is encrypted and secured with specific technology through Auriga AB. Merchworld reserves the right to cancel, hold on to, or further investigate an order of suspicion (at our disgretion), even if delivery time is affected. Merchworld can also demand that you confirm the order separately by mail sent to the invoice address before your order is delivered.


§4 Return Policy

Swedish law is applied, according to the right of reclamation and returns (see Konsumentverkets homepage for more information).

You have the right to return a product, and receive a full refund or exchange the product, within 14 days from receiving the goods. If you change your mind about a product you must contact our Client Service within this time. Merchworld is unable to take back products that have been processed or used. Sound and image recordings (CD:s and DVD) will not be taken back if the seal is broken or wearing is apparent. There are no refunds for items on sale. However, you will have the option to exchange items purchased on sale.

When returning or exchanging a product you pay for the shipping cost. Refunds take up to 30 days to process.

If the product is defect, damaged, or if the return is due to a mistake made by Merchworld we will in this case bear or reimburse the delivery cost. Please report the reclamation to our Client Service before returning the product.


Want to return your product? Read here.

Download the return form here. Fill out and print.

Then send an email to info@merchworld.se and explain why you want to return your product. Please attach your receipt.

Then return the product together with the receipt and the return form to this address:

Merchworld AB

Tenggrenstorpsvägen 15A



§5 Security

All information concerning your credit card is encrypted and secured with a specific SSL-technology. Merchworld cooperates with Auriga AB:s payment exchange (PSP) and Swedbanks Babs AB for redemption of credit card payments.

According to Swedish law (PUL) Merchworld must have your approval before handling your personal information. Receiving your personal information helps us give our good costumers service updates for their interest. Merchworld will never give or sell your personal information to third-parties without your consent.

Members of Merchworld have access to their account by logging on and clicking on the My Profile page. The personal information contained in your profile may be updated or removed at any time.


§6 Force Majeure

In case of war, civil war, revolution (viva), riot, strike, lockout, blockade, natural disaster, measures by public authority or similar circumstances Merchworld will apply to Force Majeure. These are the only reasons Merchworld would be unable to fulfill the Terms & Conditions. If this occurs Merchworld will inform you as early as possible.