Providing merchandise to the masses since 2005.

From Sweden we help artists and brands creating and selling merchandise through sustainable production and using latest technology fulfilling ecommerce orders to customers globally, online and on tour. We believe in sustainable business. Our workers have collective agreements and our suppliers provide products that are manufactured and certified according to the highest environmental, social and ethical requirements.

What we do.


We help you design, produce and sell merchandise. Whether you are a touring artist, brand or a start-up looking to brand yourself we get you going!

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Warehouse & Fulfilment

Store your entire inventory in our warehouse, and we'll fulfill all your orders for you. Save space, save time, and say goodbye to hassle of packing and shipping items by yourself all in one go!

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Our clients.

Our clients

Håkan Hellström

Merchandise | Ecommerce
Our clients

Dedicated Brand

Warehouse | Fulfilment
Our clients

Sick of it all

Merchandise | Ecommerce